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Love the app but having issues

I really love this app but I’m having a few issues. My vehicles location still shows it’s at the dealership when I’ve had it for a month now and my biggest issue is when I try to view the accessories for my vehicle. The search results show 231 items but only shows like the first 50 and when it loads more it reloads the same first 50 items and I can’t find what I’m looking for. Same thing happens on the website.


Good for nothing unless you spend more money on an OnStar account.

Works half the time

It works half the time. Have to reboot my phone to just unlock the doors. It will work perfectly for 2-3 weeks then will start the engine but not unlock the doors. Really??

You do not get what you pay for

Half the functions on this app rely on that stupid on star crap. So to be clear when you buy a 40grans car, you need to add another pinch of money every month to Onstar. To enjoy, all the features of your car . Absolutely ridiculous

This app is not built to help the buyer

It is purely a way to track the owner’s maintenance of their vehicles and also their daily driving habits. I can not overstate the ridiculousness of Chevrolet allowing such an abomination to be forced on every single customer they have. I have a Chevy High Country Pickup which was not cheap yet Chevy can’t figure out how to provide a halfway decent user experience with a simple app that 4 college kids could throw together in a weekend? In this day and age of Snowden proven governmental spying on American citizens, the fact that there is absolutely no way to turn off the tracking device on the vehicle (the on-star antenna and the Gps nav) is shameful. I don’t really care if they track me but the principle of tracking all of their customers all of the time is mind blowing. Maybe it is related to their insane debt as a corporation as compared to Ford but who really knows? I say erase dealerships and move to direct sales also- the dealerships are 90 percent scam artists and there is zero need for them to even exist other than their lobbyist getting legislation written that bans all direct sales, in my state anyway. This has been my experience- Maybe it will evolve but if not, this is my first and last Chevy ever.

App Not Functioning

Your app immediately closes when I open/ launch the app. Get it fixed.


Completely worthless app unless you pay a high monthly charge.

Stay Logged In Feature is working again

My previous review mentioned the login not being persisted (iPhone X) however it is working again (before and through the current app update). It could have been caused and corrected by iOS system patches... Was pleased to get developer feedback. The login screen isn’t friendly to us password manager users. The process for most apps is copy UserName from password manager, then Paste user ID in the app. Switch back to password manager to fetch the password. When you return the the MyChevrolet app, THE USERNAME WAS CLEARED. 😔 Please enhance the login screen. 🙏

Now missing DEF level

Use the app all the time, but now missing DEF level for my 2016 diesel truck. Fix it, please!


This app was great and then they took allof the cool features out , like remote starting and locking among others. Now it's a waste of memory space. Too bad Chevrolet.

Deleted the App

I was excited that I could potential use an app to unlock my car well till I discovered it would cost me $15/month. I went from a Taurus to an Impala and I hate that I have to carry a key again. Maybe cause the key opens easy in my pocket, not a Chevy key review sorry. But any ways zero stars and two thumbs down if it was possible. Let me know when locking, unlocking and starting my car is free.

App won’t open anymore

I have had the OnStar app and Chevy app for my Tahoe for 5 years. I can’t open the app anymore. Both apps open and close in 5 seconds. I have deleted and reinstalled several times with no luck. Very annoyed.

Question about app.

Why is it I have the app but it’s not showing the key fob on there and all I get is one page all the other stuff is not showing like how the app appears and I do have remote start

Where is the 4G hotspot option??

I have had the app for 1.5 years and all of a sudden yesterday the 4G hotspot option is no longer an “option”. I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve uninstalled the app and downloaded it again and it’s still missing. How do I turn it on and off now? Where can I find how much data I have left? People pay a lot of money for these features and like to use it when they want.


Hey... 😑 I pay 26 dollar a month for Onstar and it’s extra features, I don’t want to see freaking Exon ads in the Chevy app

Garbage app.

Been on the phone with onstar for multiple calls trying to figure out why my phone won’t link to my truck. They have no idea why. Just keep telling me to refresh the app. Had the truck for two months and hasn’t worked once. Don’t waste your money on onstar.


Ok so I’m gonna start off with saying, the MAIN reason that anyone gets this app in the first place is because the remote options, like starting the vehicle, opening the trunk and checking tire pressure and things. Well, when you get the app THEY EXPECT YOU TO PAY FOR THOSE FEATURES. Didn’t we already pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO YOU, CHEVY FOR THE VEHICLE? And y’all wanna charge us 14 dollars a month to use a feature that we already have?!?!!?! It’s dumb. There’s no point in even having this app on my phone anymore because the main feature that draws most people in costs more than a subscription to Netflix. Don’t get this app.

Chevy App

I liked the Chevy app but not at the price for onstar which is not a great system in my opinion. Chevy’s been around for longer thanonstar and should have these perks. Onstar $40.00 a month is way too much. $50.00 a year and you would probably have more customers. SXM Radio the same thing. The music is repetitive if your on a long ride.

New version log on problems

The current version will not let me stay logged in for more than 12 hrs? Was fine before the update. After they email and call me way too much about this. It has magically fixed finally.

Keeps logging me out

App works fine but it will continually log you out... huge issue that could easily be fixed with an update on the developer end. It never had this issue with previous versions... would be a great app if it wasn’t for this glaring issue... will update my review when you update and fix this problem- 1 star 7/29-looks like the login issue has been resolved 4 stars

Disappointed in v3.13

Have been using the app daily for over a year. This specific version doesn’t allow the app to remain logged in. This is a bad bug that needs to be fixed ASAP! Issue was suddenly resolved after this review. Thank you!

Good App... but could be great

The app works. I use it regularly to unlock and remote start my car. I especially like the feature of being able to control those feature from my Apple Watch. I would have given it 5 stars if it had two more features. 1. Feedback from the car. When opening the app in either the phone or watch it would be nice to see if the doors were locked and if the engine is running. 2. The ability for the iWatch app to run independent of the phone. On my Series 3 watch even if I’m connected to cellular the app requires the phone to operate. Still overall a good app and worth downloading.

App works to the minimum but has the potential to be great

The app works most of the time some connectivity problems here and there no big deal. However, there are some simple software upgrades that would allow this app be a lot more convenient for the user. For example I would like to be able to open the rear hatch glass and tailgate on my Tahoe from the app, and to be able to adjust the temperature of the climate from my phone while the car is in remote start mode, lastly it would also be great to be able to power fold the mirrors from the app as for some reason on the Tahoe they don’t auto fold when the car is locked like for example some Honda’s,BMW’s and Tesla’s would. Ps. If I have to email someone or onstar/Chevy I would be more than happy too

App got worse

The app used to keep you logged in. But now it does not. Very annoying to have to log in every time. Please fix!!!!

Login for a day?

What’s with the constant 401_1 errors? Make errors human understandable. My session has ended? This application makes it almost impossible to use it because of all the re-authentication errors. For a while this stopped, but now it is back with a vengeance. Plus there is no way to use an external password tool like 1Password to copy logon information over except to write it down or memorize at least part of it, because the program resets if you don’t enter both and succeed. Use Secure Enclave for logging on the the app as well as the PIN.

Great app but needs Apple Watch improvement

I would give this app 5 stars if it would work on the Cellular Apple Watch independently.

What happened.

After updating app, what happened to the “key fob” feature???? That’s really the only reason to have this app

Last update started causing problems

I have always loved the app. It has saved my wife several times when she locked the keys in the car. Since the last update I have had to sign in again every time I use it, even though the button is checked to stay signed in. Please fix. Update: tried to uninstall and reinstall. Fixed for about 1 day! Still logging me out!

Not native on Apple Watch

The App on Apple Watch does not work without iPhone. On weekends I leave my phone behind as a way to u wind, it would be nice if I could precondition my car 10 minutes before I arrive at my parking spot or open my car using my Cellular Apple Watch.

Won’t stay logged-in

I’m not sure what Chevy did, but for the past month, this app will automatically log out after 30 minutes even if “keep me logged in” is selected. This is super annoying and makes the app an exercise in frustration. I’ve tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Nope, not a fix. It looks like other folks are experiencing this frustration too. Please fix the app!

Won’t keep logged in!

Ridiculous. This app all of a sudden won’t keep me logged in. I have the option selected to “Stay Signed In”... nope. Doesn’t matter. This has been going on for almost a couple weeks now. Get it fixed GM!

App used to work great until now

The app keeps logging me off even though I have the slider set to “keep me logged in”. I used this app everyday until now. Spoiled Chevy Guy,

Disappointed-no remote access

We have both a 2018 GMC Terrain and a 2018 Chevy Impala. The App appears to be the same in the App Store—but they aren’t. With the Chevy you have to pay for the remote access-disappointing to say the least. This app really offers very little value.

Won’t stay logged in

The app won’t stay logged in. Previously I would be able to use finger print to use keyfob functions. In the last couple weeks it now says “user session expired. Please log on again. (401_1). “ when opening app. After login it still asks for pin/fingerprint. Super annoying.


Logs me totally out of the app minutes after logging in and using it. Uninstalled and installed app again and same problem exists?

Love the app up to the last update...

I absolutely loved this app until the most recent update rendered it useless. It logs out every single time I close it even when I checked ‘remember me.’ I solely start my vehicle with my Apple Watch, so this is super inconvenient.

I have to login every time

Why is the app not remembering my login information, even though I have that box checked?

Very responsive Customer Service

I reported a bug which prevented me from staying logged on and they reached out to me and solved the problem within a day. I’m impressed. Love being able to precondition my Bolt via phone.

OnStar Money Grab

This app is nothing more than an OnStar money grab. While it has a lot of potential everything good about it is hidden behind a monthly subscription service.

Low Energy Alert

I am growing weary of the constant alerts I get telling me I am leaving the area available for a charge and have a low battery level on my electric car when my battery is at 95% and My car is parked in my driveway less than 5 miles from a public charger this app can see.

Logging out

Latest version keeps logging out even though I have checked, keep me logged in.

I like the app but problems since updated.

I love the app and never had problems but here recently it logs me out every time I use the darn thing. Even with keep my logged in selected kind of annoying.


Constantly get a system error, please try again later (900) message every time I log onto app... loved the app when I first got it but recently this is all that pops up so I quit using it...

Getting worse not better

The latest updates have reintroduced issues that were previously fixed. Now you can’t even stay logged into the app without it crashing.


Even though I slide the button over to keep me logged in without fail it does not. Such a pain logging in each time I open the app.

So far, app is fairly useless

Can download the app but doesn’t do much except show me where my vehicle is. No tire pressure, fuel gauge, lock or unlock, etc.

This app was great at first

Now the app is buggy and unreliable. What use is having the Chevrolet app on your watch if it keeps saying that you must log in on your phone because the phone keeps logging out of the app? I do not wish to have to log in each time nor do I wish to log in on my phone for something I want to use on my watch. Please fix!!!

Won’t stay logged in.

Every time I log in the app, make sure Keep Logged In is selected, but when I leave the app for awhile, we’re talking hours, then come back, it tells me my logging session has expired. This really defeats the convenience of the app. It used to stay logged in indefinitely.

Not impressed

I have been using this app almost 2 years and now it will no longer keep me singed in on phone. After uninstalling and reinstalling it still isn’t working.

Dangerous app

Once you log on, there is no way to log out. If someone gets your phone they can open all your GM cars and drive off

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