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Just another way to get some cash out of the consumer. Chevy should have its own app, that is free for Chevy owners.

False promises

I was sold on the ability to input an address into this app and send it to my car’s nav system, and have successfully done this for a few years until this update. The app description still says that ability exists “if equipped”, but there is no option to do so. Why would Chevy remove that option that was sold as a huge benefit to buying a Chevy several years ago? Bring back address input to send to my car!!!!!!!!

Latest update is awful

After the last update, the key fob from the app no longer responds, loved it before that

Not happy

I liked the app but then when I canceled my service I couldn’t log in to the app and I find out that you have to have he arrive and I find that really stupid it should like you use it without the service

It’s not working

This app barely works for me. I have logged out. I have logged back in. I have deleted it. I have redownloaded it. Every time it says updating and when I try to lock my car it say in progress. This app is junk. They need to update it or fix the terrible quality app

Can you add something to app?

Please add voltage from 8 to 12 amp to charge if possible good app tho

Oh no! What happened!

I loved being able to start my truck with my Apple Watch. Now with iOS 11 it no longer works😤. Sooo bummed! Update: the issue with Apple iWatch not working to start my truck is still an issue. It’s been well over two months and the developer still can’t fix the issue! Come on guys! I paid a lot of money for my truck. Fix this already!! UPDATE: I uninstalled the app and reinstalled and like Magic it worked this time! I take back all the bad things I said about the developers J/k. Thanks guys. Back to five stars for me.

Send directions to navigation no longer?

I swear I woke up and my app no longer allows me to send directions to my navigation anymore. What happened?

Ruined a good app.

I cannot locate the vehicle. I am very disappointed in the "update." This is a very expensive "lock out" service. I'm not sure the features justify the subscription price. I canceled this service. It won't track the car.

VERY inconsistent

App constantly sends error codes, or is down. When it is working, it takes a long time to update.

On reliable.

I used to use the ONSTAR app which was intuitive and reliable. Since ONSTAR ported this app I have no choice. Both are the same slow, unreliable and clunky. GMC and ONSTAR need to get together and fix these apps. Very disappointed. We’re going backwards.

No more key fob??

With the update I’m not getting key fob selections or car info. The app only gives me the option to see my manual and home dealership. 2015 Corvette.


I use to have access to my vehicle’s stats (tire pressure, oil life) and send addresses to my in-dash nav system for the 2.5 years. Today, I tried to send an address and it no longer works when just last Saturday it did. Now, I have to buy a plan and my guess is that i will need to buy the onstar navigation plan (the most expensive) in order to send addresses to the in-dash nav sys that was a vehicle upgrade of nearly a $1000. This is my last GM purchase. Other manufacturers don’t deceive their customers.

$20 mth to get Vehicle Status!!!

$20 a month subscription just to get the ability to see vehicle status is ridiculous. I don’t need any of the other features they force on you to try and make the price seem reasonable. If they had a $4 a month plan for vehicle status then maybe I would subscribe. I only use it to occasionally check the charge level of my Volt and I’m certainly not going to pay $20 a month to do that.

Too slow

This app is way too slow or doesn’t work. It keeps displaying an error message after trying to refresh. Nothing works.

Electric miles not appearing separately since update

Since the update of the app, it no longer lists my electric miles separately from my gasoline miles. By the electric miles section, it just has "---". There is a total number of miles, but no longer a breakdown.

Make chevys alexa enabled!

I think i speak for everyone when i say make all chevys compatible with this app compatible with alexa! Much easy to say “Alexa, Start my car”


I just bought a Chevy Bolt. This app shows me how much power I have and the range on my electric vehicle. It consistently shows me my vehicle is unplugged and out of power. I’m standing next to it, it’s plugged in and fully charged. A few times this app has almost given me a heart attack thinking I am out of power and will be stranded. But no, the car is fine. It’s the stupid app. I wish so much Chevy had an app for the Bolt without this crappy Onstar. Useless!

The application works as advertised

This is a great app overall, but it still has one thing that keeps it from being a perfect application. I use it all the time to control my automatic start up open doors, etc. The biggest drawback of this application is that you still have to put in your passcode every single time you perform an action on your Apple Watch. I understand that the passcode is necessary for all actions on the iPhone, but if your Apple Watch is already authenticated when you first Place it on your wrists, then why do you need to add an additional passcode just to turn on your car? The fact that he keeps asking for a passcode is what makes the Watch application less efficient and annoying. Why doesn’t the Apple Watch version of this application bypass The need for a passcode on the app itself? This is why I cannot give it five stars. It’s just plain silly and redundant.

Vehicle Status working again.

Vehicle status, including charge status for my Volt, is now working again using the iPhone app, but not via the web site using Safari. Getting status functionality back is critical since that is the main use of this app for me.

Issues with connecting and watch app

Really like this app to precondition my car as it starts to get cold. But will keep getting error messages about connecting. Also some times the app will remember to use Touch ID other times it will not. Since the last update the watch app has just stop working all together. Just will show a big logo and never let me start my car. Have uninstalled and reinstalled it on my watch and phone did not help. Hoping this will get fixed soon.


Useless unless you have and pay for OnStar.

Glad there’s an app... but a few frustrations

I have a 2013 Volt. I’m glad there’s an app that lets me check on, and interact with my vehicle. There are some nice features; you can: - Locate your car in a map - Remote Lock/Unlock - Honk the horn (to help locate) - Remote Start (“Precondition”) - Check the battery state and range - Check the gas level, and range - Check the charging status, and get an estimate of them it will be complete - Configure OnStar to text you when the vehicle is done charging - Check misc other items, like tire pressure, oil life, and efficiency. Also, there’s an Apple Watch app. It should be noted that you need to subscribe to OnStar for most of these things to work. (You car may include OnStar for a period of time, which is nice) However, there’s room for improvement. Interacting with the car takes a while. I suspect this is due to the fact that the car only periodically “checks in” to see if you are requesting any operations or information. Due to this, trying to perform an operating, like unlocking, or getting charge information, can take more than a minute to complete. This makes it a lot less convenient, as you have to pull out your phone, wait for it to load, navigate to the status screen, pull down and release to request an update, and then wait there with your phone for over a minute to get back anything. This means that I often forego doing this, even when I might like to check some of this. It would be far more useful if the app would periodically perform a pull of this data, and have it ready for you. I understand you may not want to do so all that often when the car is on battery power, but the app is able to see if that is the case, or not. The app should have a configurable option for how often it will check in the background, and it should be able to be a little more aggressive when the car’s plugged in (every 15-30 minutes, for instance). This would make the “location” feature more useful, as right now, you have to specifically request that information, and the location data on my watch is 4 weeks old (❗️) Speaking of the watch, it would be a lot more useful if it had access to more of the data available in the app. With the watch, you can perform lock/unlock, preconditioning, and horn functions, as well see that old map data, but that’s it. I almost never use my watch (or the app) for any of those functions, because they are so slow. It’s a nice backup option to have, but the Apple Watch really excels at glanceable data-type interactions. I would very much like to see reasonably up-to-date info by glancing at the watch. A “complication” for battery life, for instance, would be awesome, bare minimum, I should be able to get that data by going into the Watch app. Background data fetch has phone/watch battery implications, but if it were an option (and reasonably-we’ll implemented), people could decide for themselves if it were worth it. Adding automatic data update would definitely add a star to the rating. Making that up-to-date data available on the watch would make this a 5-Star app, no doubt.


Update the app so Face ID works too. Otherwise sweet app


This app terrible and the support from Onstar has been horrible. Upgraded to a new phone on IOS, and now the keyfob portion will not show up in app. I called for assistance and was told I have only the basic plan, on a 2017 Chevy that is supposed to have app service for 5 years! When I told her that my Android work phone was working, she paused and said that they have been working on it and should only be a day or two to be fixed and they would notify me when corrected. It has now been two weeks and no fix, and no contact from Onstar. I have logged off and in several times and also the-loaded app. Winter is coming here in Buffalo. Poor communication. Unstable app, the Onstar app worked better. I hope this gets resolved soon!


Would give 5 stars but out of the blue the navigation option and remote controls option disappeared, so can no longer start, lock, or unlock from my phone. Every time I want to send directions to my car I have to call onstar to have them download it. If I could have those back on my app I would give a 5 Star.

Locked out of vehicle

Since the new update the remote commands to lock/unlock the doors has been buggy. Today, after leaving key in my jacket in the car I locked the doors using the app and went into the gym. About an hour later when I came out I launched the app to unlock the doors and it just kept spinning and spinning but the doors never opened. I closed the app and tried again but still no response. I rebooted my phone just to clear it and launched the app again. Still it would not unlock the doors. It’s now raining. I called onstar for assistance and was told that I only have the basic plan that does not cover assistance by phone to unlock my doors. However, as a one time courtesy they will unlock them for me. But that I should be warned that if this happens in the future I will not be assisted unless I upgrade the onstar package. I waited until I heard the doors unlock and then I said “regardless of whether I have a basic plan it should ALWAYS be a courtesy to unlock my doors when the app created by onstar fails to work!” The idea to hold someone hostage and pay an upgrade fee in order to be assisted when the app fails? What if a child or pet was in the car and I didn’t have a credit card on me to upgrade? Ridiculous! One thing for sure I will never purchase onstar or recommend it to anyone.


This is not a Chevy app, this is an On Star app. The lies that was told are just ridiculous. Can’t support this app.

Unable to find any vehicle

Bought a new Chevy Bolt. Have been trying to connect to my car for the last three weeks. Followed the instructions. Get in the car. Turn on ignition. Run keyboard pass connect. But Every time it says unable to find any vehicle. Frustrating.


This app does not work with my 2012 GMC truck, after 3+ call and over one hour with support, they have download updates to vehicle twice and it still does not work.

Won’t connect

I loved the app at first. Worked great the first couple days. Now any time I try to use the key fob feature it gives me a “timeout” error and doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no improvement. Now I’m just frustrated.

Location of Vehicle and Phone

If you want to know the location of the vehicle, it is required that you allow the location of your device (i.e your iPhone) to be shared via the phone privacy>location setting. In other words, I have to share the location of my own phone to chevrolet (and their marketing partners) in order to look at the location of my daughter who’s sometimes borrows my car. Because if this odd requirement, I took the time to read through the terms of service and learned that Chevrolet not only uses this location info they also share it with third parties for marketing purposes. I have uninstalled the app from my phone. I’m uninterested in sharing my phone’s location with Chevrolet and their marketing partners. There’s an older app called RemoteLink that allows you to see your car’s location without sharing your phone’s location with Chevrolet and their marketing partners.

Good App. Needs Cellular Apple Watch Support

App works pretty well. I usually use it to keep on top of my vehicle service and run diagnostics on my vehicle. I also remote start or remote lock the doors to my vehicle. The watch portion of the app only works if your phone is in bluetooth range. Even though the apple watch has a cellular connection. That is a downside. I would love to go on a run with just my watch and then come back to my car and unlock it without having to have my phone near. Also the password on the apple watch app does not save. It ask for it all the time. Besides the apple watch problems. Its a good app to have in order to keep track of your car.

Needs Siri

App has gotten better but it is still a little laggy and definitely needs Siri support.

Keeps losing connection to equinox

Overall is a very good app. But I keep having to re-download it in order to have it connect to my 2018 equinox

Apple Watch app works since updated.

App has been updated. All is well.

Updated: 10-28

As rsouviney stated in a review just a couple days ago, I too have a 2017 Chevy Volt and the vehicle status no longer works. Considering the plan that came with my car is a FIVE year PLAN and is supposed to include that option plus OTHERS this app has become useless!! I have called Onstar four times in the last two weeks and all they do is tell me to uninstall and reinstall the app which of course does not work! They will not admit that is it is their wrongdoing and obviously are making no attempt to fix it!! Update: Ok, ok... The app has been updated and so far everything for my 2017 Chevy volt is working like it should. My guess is based on all the negative reviews and people relentlessly calling into Onstar they finally updated the app to reflect the iOS 11 updates that have come out, but of course that’s my opinion what do I know.


Update 11/27/17: after trading emails with the app developer for a few Days I’m happy to say the app is working again... *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- ....disabled access to Vehicle Status page!!. I very seldom use remote lock/unlock or precondition my car. Twice I’ve sent directions to my in dash nav unit.....But I use the Vehicle Status page almost every day. Made sure my car was plugged in and charging and tire pressure was good. Considering this was the main thing I used the app for it has now become worthless. And yes my account is good through mid year-2021 and includes this feature so it’s not that. Plz fix ASAP.

Wont load

This app doesn’t work with wi fi or without wi fi it has trouble loading every single time i try to use it . This app is useless

Unreliable slow missing tons of features

Really Chevy this is lame. Half of the time I can’t even see the basic stats of my car. Takes forever to see an update on the car status. Keypass works 20% of the time even if you are an inch away from the care.

Current Version Missing Feature

This current and last version are missing the ability to send directions from phone to vehicle.. why was it deleted with no notice... I would not have upgraded to new version. This was one of the most important features. Previous to this I thought the app was excellent. Now not so much. Please advise as to when the feature will return.

Wish it worked without phone on Apple Watch 3 with cellar data

Wish I could use this app when I am not near my phone on my Apple Watch 3 by itself.


U can be on WiFi and the app still takes 1000000000000 minutes to crank up your car

A lil buggy

I was excited for this app because it had Apple Watch compatibility. I’ve tried using the app on the watch for 2 weeks and it’s 50/50 as far as its reliability. Sometimes it works, other times it takes several tries to get it to connect.

When it works it’s great

2017 Volt and since the update it wants me to upgrade my onstar service so I can check the charge and tire pressure. I was supposed to have 5 years of Onstar but Chevy feels that 11 months is enough. Update: Called Onstar today and they told me to delete the app and reinstall it but then told me that they know they are having problems with it and then tried to upsell me on more onstar services when the current ones don’t work. App still doesn’t work. Boo.

Terrible app

Update. app now says upgrade and I am still in the free trial period. Called onstar several times even talked to tech support. They were clueless about there own app. App useless again now. Tried deleting and reinstalling. Still not working.


The app is slow to start car or unlock/unlock. Basically the cars control features in he app are SLOW!!!! I’d rather use the key remote that comes with the car. Even tire pressure monitoring in the app is SLOW to update. The car itself is instant.

Remote start & navigation disappeared!

10/25 - Right after I left my last review I started getting an error message saying I didn’t have a plan & I couldn’t use any features. Right around the time I got a response from the developer the app started working again. I use this app every day to start my car and use the send navigation to vehicle feature a lot. If you are having issues try deleting it and reinstalling or logging out and pull down to refresh it when you open the app. I have the Guidance plan that includes navigation but after the last app update the navigation option disappeared in the app. I was using the send to vehicle option just fine until the last update and considering all the people who are complaining on here that it also disappeared for them I would say it is clearly your app update that messed it up! Please fix it and I already called Onstar and all they could do is put in a ticket for the issue. Please fix your app because it worked perfectly before your last update!

UPDATED: Geolocation of vehicle no longer working

I gave the following feedback yesterday. The App was corrected and functioning correctly today. I also received a personal email informing me the corrections had been made. **Rating 1 yesterday / 5 today. Thank you developers!! ——————————————————— Until today, I have been able to “Locate Vehicle” from anyplace whether I have been driving or not. That way I always new where either of them are regardless of where I am or the vehicles are. Today that function went away suddenly and my only choice is to ‘choose’ a location on a map that forces to my personal current location (phone location). For instance; my 2015 Traverse is currently located in Nashville, TN with my son. I am in Albany, GA on W Doublegate Drive. When I refresh the “Parked Location” of that vehicle it places it where I am; NOT where the vehicle is!! This is absolutely NOT what I need from the app and service! Fix it ASAP, please!

Awful, shows “out of energy” after full EV charge

This app only works sporadically, often providing inaccurate info for my Chevy Bolt, once even claiming my battery was at zero when it actually had a full charge. The app also has constant issues updating my car’s current status, and it’s been down this past weekend. A complete failure, useless, waste of time. Update: after a full charge last night, true vehicle range is 275 miles, but app main screen shows “low range”, and next screen states “out of energy”. It’s actually this miserable app that’s out of energy. Update 2: Sent screenshots to GM, as requested.

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