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New Version Login Issues

New Version makes me login to it each and every time I try to use it! Ugh. It takes what used to be a convenient service (remote start specifically), and makes it now extremely inconvenient to use. I used to be able to just launch it, tap a function button, it would recognize my FaceID and start my vehicle / unlock doors / etc. Please fix!!! I’ve used for years and rely on it every day. Useless to me now. 😞

Stay Logged In Feature is Broken

I have used this app a lot and it has been good until this last update. Now I have to login Every. Single. Time. In addition to that, the login screen isn’t friendly to us password manager users. The process for most apps is copy UserName from password manager, then Paste user ID in the app. Switch back to password manager to fetch the password. When you return the the MyChevrolet app, THE USERNAME WAS CLEARED. 😔 Please fix the login screen and persisted login.

Apple Watch feature

Nice app and good features - wish they were cheaper! One question though Is there a way to switch vehicles on the watch?

New version log on problems

The current version will not let me stay logged in for more than 12 hrs? Was fine before the update

Does Not Work on Apple Watch

The app has not worked on Apple Watch for months. I have the most recent updates of iOS and WatchOS. I always have the most recent app updates on both. Whenever I try to start the car or anything on the watch, I get the yellow working dots. Then, it acts like I never pressed the button. I get the red X frequently. I have maybe seen the green check mark for success twice while attempting to use. The myChevrolet remote works fine on my iPhone. Every option for starting the car, and locking the doors works on the iPhone app itself. However, nothing works on the Apple Watch version of the app. I am using a three year old iPhone 6 Plus, if that makes a difference.

Features do not work

This app worked great until the OnStar service was disconnected. The OnStar rep told me that I could still use the remote start feature as well as the vehicle updates (tire pressure, oil level etc) even without having OnStar. That was not true. Once you cancel OnStar the app becomes useless. Don’t waste your time with this unless you are planning on keeping OnStar on your vehicle. Wish this would have worked after OnStar was disconnected, however, It’s just as easy to toggle through on your vehicles display for tire pressure, oil life etc than to install this app and then have to delete it 3 months later.

A good start to a nice app

This app works fairly well on my iPhone. I use it in conjunction with my Bolt EV, so it is nice to be able to find charge locations and get a brief description of which charge network and plug type is available. The what-if route planning is also very handy to verify what destinations are within driving range. The navigation section of the app could some improvement. Setting the initial location and destination is not that easy, especially on a small screen. Better user prompts would help. Also strangely on a 2017 iPad, the app apparently can not auto update the parked location, though it can read vehicle status and lock/unlock doors, etc. This is a problem because the navigation feature won’t allow a route to be planned when the parked location is entered manually. Route planning does work OK on an iPone 6S where parked location is picked up automatically. The app runs only in portrait mode and on a large screen device like an iPad is just scaled up with huge text and buttons rather than better using the available screen real estate. I really would like to see the app perform better on the iPad which would make route planning a much better user experience.


Thanks a ton for the ads up the latest update. I thought the 150k worth of vehicles I bought from you was enough.

Constant crashing

Haven’t been able to open the app in weeks. Crashes immediately.

Must have onstar

In order to start the vehicle or access any vehicle information or connect to your vehicle in any way, you must have an OnStar subscription. The sales person who sold me my Silverado told me I did not have to have an Onstar subscription, but it turns out I do.

App not working

I absolutely love the app but since I did the last update it’s not working keeps saying unable to locate vehicle and all my driving activity is not showing up help

2018 Silverado 1500

Go to the app to “EXPLORE” my owners manual, but I am unable to do so . . . Keep getting the following message, “Content not available for your vehicle at this time.” Could someone tell me when that ‘content’ may become available? 2019?? 2020?? Aren’t the ‘19s being produced as we speak?? Why have an app that doesn’t work?? Oh yea, my preferred dealer keeps disappearing. I’ll add it, and it’s gone, again! What else . . . Vehicle Accessories. Select something on the list, and scroll upward (to see additional content below) and the same items keep repeating!! I’m sure that’s Everything!! Not!!! I’m just getting sick & tired of typing. Either fix it, or replace it. At this point, might be better to get a few middle-school kids write a better program and forget the original ever existed!

Last update...

With the last update it constantly crashes. Didn’t know this till I went to unlock my car using the app after the gym. That was fun.

Was a pretty good ap

And then they you had to go and populate it with ads. I would gladly give up $1.99 for no ads, but buying a $49,000.00 truck, I shouldn’t have to both pay for ad free or see advertisements. Please, for the love of all that is holy take the ads out.

App is horrible.

App is really stupid. Apple limits the app to only 8 apps and the only GPS app is APPLE maps. This is apple trying to keep the competition out. Apple maps is horrible.

New update has ADs

How do I opt out of receiving ads? Please advise. Thanks

Ad-supported for a $45k car

I really hope the pennies you guys earned off advertising Red Lobster biscuits is worth it when I don’t buy another GM product. No other automotive competitor has an ad-supported app.

On star/My Chevy

I bought a new Chevy equinox n 10 days later car shut off n when it restarted was running bad. Called on star to do diagnostic test. On star test showed all kinds of issues with engine. Dealership said don’t drive car. Got a hold of on star to get vehicle towed from driveway back to dealership. I was transferred to Chevy roadside n set up towing for next morning to get car returned by 11am so I could get a loaner car for the wkend. This is what I was instructed to do by dealership so I could get a car until mine was fixed. Before I could finish settling up tow I had to provide my credit card because Chevy roadside would only cover 44 miles n the dealership was 49 miles. At $5.50 per mile. Nice!!! At 6:30 the next morning I received a text that my car would b picked up n returned to dealership by 11am. My car was supposed to b picked up at 9:15. At 9:45 I finally called towing company to see what time he was gonna b there. I was told he wasn’t picking up my car n he hung up on me. So I returned to my car to get a hold of on star again. I told them that I had a service number but was informed by towing company they weren’t towing car. On star informed me they were going to get a hold of Chevy roadside n they hung up on me. I called on star back n got a new person. After explaining everything again she put me on hold to listen music sitting in my car until I just said the hell with it n went in my house. A few minutes later a new towing company called n told me he just got informed 3 minutes ago. Needless to say I don’t think my car is going to get to dealership because he explained he can’t come n get car for a few hours but he will pick it up later today. So I’m probably not gonna have a car for the wkend. I explained to on star that if my wife was sitting down in the ditch that I couldn’t rely on them cause they hung up on me just trying to get my car towed from the driveway of my house. As far as Chevy roadside it’s a joke. The salesman told me to cancel the towing on my full coverage insurance. It only costs $3-$5 but I won’t cancel it because they r unreliable when it ain’t an emergency. But if I kept pursuing it nobody would b responsible. It would b blamed on the computers. But who’s at the computer?


Awesome, with the latest update I now have ads at the top when I login. So much for bug fixes nice way to lie and say update the app to fix some issues and then try and sneak ads in there. How about giving us the vehicle diagnostics back in the basic plan if you want to sneak ads into the app. That’s ridiculous. I wish I could rate the app less than one star. I won’t be getting a gm vehicle when my lease is up next year.

Still broke

New phone new cell carrier same problem. I deleted this app months ago because it didn’t work. Well I thought I’d try again and still nothing. U connect vehicle sitting right next to Malibu takes less than 5 seconds to execute the command. between the antifreeze smell highway surging clunky transmission this worthless app and 30 years a GM guy seems mopar is where I will be spending money from now on last 5 GM were fix or repair all the time no different other this one

Major app update glitch

Ever since I updated this app it keeps saying under my key fob that it is starting my engine perpetually. I didn’t tell it to start my engine, and now I can’t use the app in order to start my engine it just circles around endlessly. Major glitch

Banner Ads

How do I opt-out of the banner ads, surely my OnStar subscription covers the cost of maintaining the app.

If you like badly written code you have come to the right spot

Complete trash, horrible UI connection all kinds of issues. GM please make a good application this one is horrible.

Ads now in the app

Chevy now puts ads in the app. Unbelievable.


The options on my app don’t match the options shown. I can’t remote lock or unlock my vehicle. Kid locked my keys in the car and I still had to call onstar, they were able to unlock it which was really nice. Even the rep that I talked to said it should be on my app. I proceeded to tell her it wasn’t if it was I wouldn’t have called and all she said was oh that’s weird. Proceeded to tell me have a good evening and hung up.

Most recent update = brutal

I no longer have the option to start or lock/unlock my car with the app. Those options are literally the only reason I have this app / service. Will this be fixed? When this all works, it gets a 5 star review from me. Right now, however...

Not Apple Watch compatible

It would be nice if the app was compatible with Apple Watch, that way I could leave my keys in my car when I go for a run. Using the remote key fob on the app via my Apple Watch would be swag. Would love to see this feature added soon!


An automotive app for mobile devices that actually DOES SOMETHING. I have had a few in the past that looked great in concept, were as useful as a clod of dirt, and subsequently offloaded as quickly as they were downloaded. GM’s location, lock / unlock, remote start, and even the driving history functions perform very well. The driving history function will come in handy when my kids start to drive. Well thought out and implemented. Kudos GM!!


Please consider making an update that allows us to use Face ID with the iPhone X with unlocking instead of just Touch ID. I hate having to put my pin in every time.

It has potential

I will start by saying, the controls are nice and it’s nice to have these. Likewise, I wish they would update it for the iPhone X screen. Having it cut in half for this display is quite annoying. I wish they would integrate the controls with Siri, since her API is open for developers and has been for quite awhile. Something like, Hey Siri, start my car, then allowing the user to authenticate with TouchID or FaceID to start their vehicles would be super slick. Ford & Hyundai had this with Alexa so it’s entirely possible. Please guys please consider these things! It would be epic!

So many things that should Be fixed with navigation!

Navigation can be made so much better if it would just reroute on its own! It’s so annoying to keep having it ask me if I want it to reroute, not only that the app is a hit and miss for the navigation to even go through to my car. When I call they give me the same thing about me needing to update the system in my vehicle. Why do I find this out after a problem arises?? Why can’t it update automatically?? I asked the onstar reps where can I leave feedback and they say on the site. There is NOWHERE on your onstar site to even leave feedback or comments on your product so you can improve it. Especially for the price we pay. Even renewing coverage on your site is made so difficult. It’s a good product, but let us send some suggestions about making it more efficient because it’s lacking.

Brilliant App

Pretty sure my dad has the basic plan(Which you can get for free if it’s new for 5 years and for 3 years if it isn’t). Either way his truck was stolen overnight. He got a new phone so he forgot to download the app again. Anyways I re-downloaded it and signed in. I was able to see when the last ‘trip’ on it was and was able to locate the truck. Pretty brilliant, we are so thankful; and definitely recommend it.


I really love this app, and I'm very disappointed that I have to rate it a three. I just got an iPhone X and because it doesn't have a fingerprint scanner, I have to type the pin number in every time now. Apple said that app developers would not even have to really do anything to include Face ID support if they already had Touch ID available. All other apps that I used Touch ID with now have Face ID so why doesn't this app? I'd changed this review to 5 stars no question of this gets taken care of. Is this being worked on? Update: they told me to email them, which I did, but they did absolutely nothing. All I'm wondering is if they are working on FaceID. There's no reason why it shouldn't work.

On Star Renewal - quick fixes

Very please the developers & Onstar worked quickly to fix issues with this Application to Services function for onboard Navigation, or “Send to In-Dash Navigation” button. 👍

Very buggy

Installed this to manage my 2018 Bolt EV and immediately ran into technical issues. After speaking with OnStar (it is actually their app) and having to uninstall and reinstall app, it works but not well... information on charge status, battery range etc. is often incorrect as compared to what the vehicle is reporting on the dash. Overall great idea but falls well short and they want a minimum of $15 / mo. for the basic features and $35 for the full suite. Until the app is stable and accurate it’s not worth the cost imo.

Great tool

I love this app. Has allowed me to lock my car in bed, track hard driving habits, and locate my vehicle anywhere on my phone. Has been a great surprise since I bought my new vehicle!

Phone number

When you tell me that I need to contact customer care.....GIVE ME A PHONE NUMBER!

Yes and no..the app that “cries wolf”!

I am a driver of an all electric Chevy Bolt. On one hand, this app is very handy to have for telling me when my charging is all done. On the other hand, it keeps telling me every few days that “you are out of range of a charging station and must take immediate action!” But...and this is almost funny... it says this when I just unplugged with a full charge, or a few hours later with most of my range still available! How silly is that? This is why I have nicknamed this “the app that cries wolf”. UPDATED REVIEW 5/21/18: Same issue where app falsely warns me that I need to plug in right away, having just completed a full charge one minute ago. I have a screen shot. The remote start feature is a plus. So is the remote locking feature for those times when I ask myself, “Did I forget to lock the car?” This is my first GM car and I am liking the OnStar features it offers. I know that if there’s an emergency, OnStar is there with the push of a button in the car or in the app. It also monitors various parameters of the car to let you know if service is needed. It’s a bit of Big Brother, but also reassuring. UPDATE: Today, with 170 miles of charge remaining, I plugged in my Bolt to fill it up for the weekend. A few hours later, I checked this app on my iPhone to see where things stood. The app showed a zero charge with a big warning when it should have been 100% done/full. It also gave a tire pressure reading of 140 pounds in my right front tire!! Both just completely nuts. I refreshed the app screen and things went back to normal. I took screenshots of this to show the developers if they want. Still love the car and love having the app for it...but hope they get the bugs out soon!


This app has major issues. With On Star running this app it’s not a surprise.


Like others said I was shown this great app for my phone never told that I needed to keep my onstar subscription to use all the functions. I guess that is typical sales pitch to get you to buy a car. I was also told I have navigation on my radio nope since I don’t have onstar I don’t have that function either

Worst app ever

What happened to all the functions the app use to have? If I can’t use the app to remote start, lock and unlock my car why would I need it? This apps only function to get my car serviced and show rewards!

Would like to see more integration

A good app but could be so much more functional.

Scam to get you to sign up for on star!

App is useless without on star! For in the app it states that you can get three years free for but when you call in they tell you that we no longer have that and try to get you to sign up for a 30 day trial and then bill your credit card. Total scam Promoted by OnStar.


Please update the application to NOT show the hideous black bars on top and bottom of the screen!! I have 3 Chevy vehicles and I use this app all the time it’s so frustrating to know that Chevy can’t get this simple design flaw fixed! This app makes me wonder about the engineers capabilities to get simple things done. It’s been over 6 months since the iPhone X came out - update the app!! The app is horrendous to look at!

iPhone X

Please stop being lazy and update this for iPhone X


The response time is too slow. It’s supposed to make getting in your car more efficient. However, it would be easier to just use the keys

Loved it before now it’s just ok

Seems like after it updated a while back things stopped working. Before it would send me a text stating my car was fully charged, or if the charge was interrupted, etc. It doesn’t send anything anymore. The key fob functions still work fine, hopefully those won’t fail after another update. Lol

In phone don’t work right

I been used Samsung phones and know I been used iPhone when I trying to do remote start with my phone is no bottom turn on/off

Good app. Where is iPhone X screen support?

Good app. But where is iPhone X screen support??


Doesn’t work half the time.

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