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Used to be free

This had been a great app. I had it with my 2015 Silverado and it was free to use. I occasionally used the remote start feature once or maybe twice a month. I traded my 2015 Silverado in for a 2018. I got one free month of the apps remote start feature, now they want you to pay $15.00 per month for it. I go a promo email to use it for $11.99 per month. I think it is a rip-off. Chevrolet taking advantage of its customers and abusing them with ridiculous overpriced features. It’s a one time fee app at best. Don’t fall for their antics.

App failure

Haven't been able to use!!! App is constantly failing!!! Very frustrating

App crashes

After upgrading to iOS 12 the app no longer loads. It starts launching and then immediately crashes and closes. Was useful when I could use it. Hopefully it is fixed sooner than later.

Shortcuts App

Would be amazing if they added support for Siri shortcuts. Then we all would be able to just ask Siri to start or turn off the car.

Wont work with update

Upgraded to latest iOS and can’t even open the app. Was very convenient when I could use it.

Generally okay - Some suggestions

-Please add Siri Shortcut support for remote start/pre conditioning via Siri Shortcuts. -Add “phoneless” support for Apple Watch app. IE, being able to lock & unlock with just an Apple Watch on a cellular connection. Currently, the watch app without the phone nearby displays a red “No Phone” error. It’s the only app on my watch that still doesn’t have standalone support.

Latest version crashes

Was working fine until the latest patch. Now it doesn’t launch at all. There doesn’t appear to be any way to tell this to the app makers, so I’m telling it here.

This App has just sold a Ford.

GM is now SERVING ADS in this mediocre app that is already a paid service! It was bad enough not having the app updated to support the Apple Watch properly, bad enough that they wouldn’t update the app to fit iPhone screen resolutions. I don’t think GM’s executives drive GM vehicles because they would not ever stand for this apps quality if they used it for any length of time. GM has proved time and time again they do not understand technology, and they don’t care about their customers. I will not buy another GM vehicle ever again between this app and I updated MyLink in vehicle.

Update fails

Useful app, but 10/15/18 update causes instant crash. Can’t open the app at all.

New update crashes on launch

IOS 12.0.1 Recently updated this app and it now crashes on launch.

Load once without error would be nice

This app is terrible. GM should be ashamed. They’ve sold off their brand to pathetic marketing up sell attempts that are well beneath a Fortune 500 company. The app itself is full of server errors as looks like it was constructed by the lowest outsourcing group GM could find. The app needs a serious re consideration as it currently does nothing but hurt GMs image.

Chevy App

This app is always sending error codes .. never works properly the way it should . I'm always having to call support center for assistance, due to all the error codes I get . I hate this app . Why can't we just continue with the On Star app ... Very disappointed..

Doesn’t work

App works and I can get into my account that I just verified service with over the phone but none of the functions work on my iPhone XS max

Updated now won’t open

Just did the update now it won’t open it acts like it will then just closes itself out never had this prob before I manually did this up date how do you fix this if some one has an idea already powered off phone so that won’t help

Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing


Had to update now app keeps crashing. Really disappointing since I use to start my car.

Stopped working

Keeps crashing , won’t open up

Well it was nice

Now all I get is a message saying the app has been rerouted through a third party app and won’t work. Gee what’s up with that!! I can’t even start my car at work any more. 😞

I have had nothing but trouble since the update.

I have an iPhone 7. I have a 2012 Chevy equinox. I pay monthly for the basic OnStar plan. I had to get a new communication module in last month because after an update the Bluetooth connection was missing from my car! Since then the mobile app (myChevrolet nor OnStar) can update. No diagnostics- No key fob - NOTHING!!!

Super jenky app

Cool features, but they work about 10% of the time

Why won’t it just start

Absolutely love the idea of the app, but I got the app and OnStar solely for the fact that winters are cold and I don’t want to walk outside to start my truck. I was told if I have cell phone service I can start my vehicle from anywhere in the world. I always have 4 bars of LTE and for some reason every time I try to lock it, unlock it, or start it from my phone it ALWAYS times out and “fails” at this point it’s just been a waste.

iPhone update locked me out

After an update I cannot open my Onstar or Chevy app🙁

Keeps crashing

Since the most recent update, I cannot get the app to stay open. It begins loading, but then crashes almost immediately. Very disappointing because I normally use this as my remote start and now I cannot.

App update

Just did the app update now it won’t open up on my iPhone.

GMC doesn’t require OnStar subscription

My GMC doesn’t require an OnStar subscription to use the keyfob commands...why does Chevrolet???

Crashes on startup

Worthless in this iteration

Not working

I used this app all winter of 2018 and now all of a sudden it’s not working. This is October 2018. Very disappointed as it was so nice to not have to go outside to warm up my car.

Useless Can’t Control Vehicles

After upgrading to iOS 12, I can no longer control my 18 Silverado or my 15 Malibu. Has a “get connected” option... Well guess what? I have active Onstar accounts on both vehicles. Not happy.

Can’t open the app

I don’t use this app very often, but for some reason it will not open on my iPhone 6+. I may have to try and delete it and re-download again

Automatic logout

It’s happened again. A few months ago, the app started to logout after 30 minutes even if keep me signed in was selected. Chevy fixed it, but the issue has come back. Super annoying


Keeps crashing after latest update!!


Very slow. Inaccurate updates and battery level data. Keypass never works. And the new version logs you out after 10 minutes.


The myChevrolet app is great when it works. Now when I open it on my iPhone it immediately minimizes and I can’t get to it to do anything with it.

Service appointments are really easy

Loved the app, it alerted me about a recall, and I was able to set the appointment and select the most convenient time and location. Carried over all of my information and my bolt’s. It really made it very easy. I use the app to check on the tire pressure mainly, never used the parking location or any of the other functionality as I mainly use the apple CarPlay for everything else.

Not working

Closes as soon as I open it on my iPhone 5

Keyfob features too slow!

Way too slow. Only useful if I locked myself out of the vehicle...

App Update

All good. App works exactly as intended!

3.15 update no longer works on my phone

I have an iPhone 6s and this app (version 3.15) no longer works on my phone. It opens, welcome screen flashes and the it just shuts down. Please update to support “older” phones. I spent all my money buying a Chevy I can’t be out here buying new phones as well!

Could be better

Update 10-12-18: The watch app still does not work on the watch alone. 😡😞🖕 I use the app, a lot. I will say that it has improved quite a bit since it launched. I wish I could use my iWatch 3 LTE for fob commands when I am away from my phone.

Unable to open app after last update

I was previously happy with the app but am currently unable to open the app after the last update!

a little rough

this app needs some serious, serious work. logged out after every single update, not the biggest deal but annoying. man features are super glitchy and don’t work well. any time i make an appointment, my dealership calls to reschedule. so it seems as if that function isn’t very reliable. key fob is nice to use, especially if i’m out and wanting to be sure the car is locked.

Really, really, really bad.

I have been using this app on my iPhone since the end of July, and it has yet to update and stay updated on any given day. Doesn’t show the correct owner, despite having updated the profile numerous times, it doesn’t update points, despite updating the profile numerous times, it doesn’t provide the correct parked location, and is all-around a huge waste of space on my phone. A total disappointment. I do not recommend at all.

Good app, has potential to be better.

Siri shortcuts support?


Was working great before the update. Now when I try to open the app, it force closes.

Cannot log into app after update

The app was working fine for more than a year. I updated app & start getting message unexpected error occurred & check for app update (400-4). I have old iPhone 5c; the app did mention during upgrade it will update to last compatible version. I now end up with onstar subscription but no access to features due to app upgrade process. I did uninstall & reinstall app with no success.

Energy Assist feature stinks

Driving an EV it really helps to have a good accurate energy usage and trip planning feature. The one in this app is essentially useless. It does not update properly to current battery status and vehicle location.

App won’t open

App crashes when trying to open.

I can’t use it

I registeres and entered the correct email and I dont receive anything. I’ve tried several times. Uninstalling... thanks for nothing

Please please please

So if you can update the app for IOS 12 so I can say Hey Siri start my truck this app would be a 5 star

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