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Hit or miss

Sometimes this works perfectly and is great. Other times, it completely fails. As such, it can’t be counted on as dependable. Somehow, my cars OnStar forgot what it was and how to connect (which broke it) until I called OnStar support.

Still Needs Work

I love the idea of this app and it has really made my new car purchase even better. Who knew you could unlock your car with your phone hundreds of miles away! But there are too many glitches. First, at times my app completely freaks out when trying to lock or unlock as it continue to load on my phone but then on my iWatch it fails. Secondly, it takes FOREVER for the car to actually unlock. On advertisements it shows it to be a quick smooth process but this is a very slow process (2-3 minutes before unlocking). Lastly, it’s been a few months since the iPhone X came out and many big companies have updated their apps. Please update it so that fits the X interface. Thank you!!

No support for iPhone X

I would really love this app to have support for the supper rentia display on the iPhone X. It just kinda feels old and out of place the the iPhone X display

Not worth having

When I downloaded the app....the key fob and other commands didn’t show up. I was told to uninstall it and download it again. Same thing....what what would be the point in having it if I can’t get to the commands or account info.

No iPhone X Support

The app does not work so far on my iPhone X. The app doesn’t utilize the iPhone X screen, despite the app having just been updated about a week ago. I’m also no longer able to communicate with my car from within the app. I’m unable to send lock/unlock & start/stop commands from within the app or on the Apple Watch, getting an error. Diagnostic information isn’t updating anymore. I really just can’t recommend this app at all.

Kinda 50/50

This app used to be great. Then it randomly started failing to start my car or unlock/lock the doors. I’d say it works about 50% of the time which is annoying. It used to be a 5/5 awesome app when it was OnStar.

I’m so confused !!

How am I able to control my car through this app? I’m trying everything. I can’t lock or unlock my car , or do anything for that matter! I’m so mad. The only reason I downloaded this app was because I thought I was able to do those things.

Send directions to navigation no longer?

I swear I woke up and my app no longer allows me to send directions to my navigation anymore. What happened? All set now.

Basic plan is useless

Ever since my promo plan expired it reverted me back to a basic member but I can’t remotely unlock my truck from the app anymore unless I buy a plan. Seems like false advertising since the website says you get that with the basic membership

Route Planner for Bolt EV

Really, the route planner doesn’t even recognize that Mt Chevrolet in Glenwood Springs CO exists and has a Level 3 as well as 2 Level 2 connections. Please get your s#%*t together …Thank goodness for PlugShare! Update: It is now April 13. Going on a month since reporting that one of your own dealers with both Level 2 and 3 charging available is not recognized in Route Planner. Still not showing up. Maybe I should send out a Tweet to Mary Barra and let her know what a great job you guys are doing promoting her commitment to electric vehicles…

Door unlock

Takes years to unlocked your door

iPhone X Compatibility

You manufactur and sell cars please get your app up to date with iPhone X Compatibility which only takes adding in a little code provided by Apple. For f*cks sake it's been out 5 months now. Not what I expect from a company that literally has my life in their hands.

Not iPhone X Updated, Needs Push Notifications for Service Reminders/MyLink Updates!

STILL not iPhone X updated! 😣 Kind of pointless as this app does not notify you with Push Notifications at service intervals and does not tell you when there is a software/firmware update to MyLink or Bluetooth subsystem, etc. On my 4th Gen Camaros this app fails to even show me the manuals! What a joke!

Nice app... when it works

Very much appreciate the functionality of the Apple Watch interface but, majority of time am met with a red iPhone graphic with a slash thru it and cannot launch the app. No explanation anywhere of what this graphic means or how to solve for it. Five stars if not for this issue.

Updated - Would be great if....

At least once a day I have to re log in to the app. No reason for this. Also why not integrate the fingerprint reader with the initial login? Update - this problem for me has stopped. Updating rating to 5 stars. The apple watch functionality is excellent.

Great App

I have an iPhone X, no issues with app. Face ID works! Very fast and responsive. This is a very useful app for to remote start my car as I’m not always in eye sight of my vehicle. Five stars!!!!

2018 Tahoe-Love it!!

We bought a new 2018 Tahoe RST. I love it!! It's like an oversized sports car. Rides & Drives excellent & smooth. Love all the new technology & Wifi is reasonable ($20 month unlimited). The weather app on the MyLink radio system is one of my favorites and how it changes with the city you are in automatically. Onstar has wonderful customer service. No complaints on this vehicle. I had bought a 2008 Yukon Denali new and drove it over 10 years. They are similar in features except this Tahoe is a smoother ride and more interior space for a cheaper price. 2 suggestions-make the ability to pair devices with Bluetooth wireless headphones (ex: Beats Solo3) especially for the rear entertainment system. Lightning in the rear cargo area. It's dark when the 3rd row seats are up.

No key fob button

Downloaded the app, put my VIN in and signed up as instructed. The key fob button doesn’t show up, even after editing the dashboard. My vehicle shows up, I can see where my car is located, but I cannot see any of the useful information.

This app is emblematic of Chevy - I won’t buy another

This is my last GM vehicle. A good working app and support is just as important today as anything else. No my link updates in cars and lack of app support is pointing me directly to a Ford or Toyota for my next car purchase

iPhone X & 3rd Gen iWatch

I’ve had only one problem with the app locking me out of my 2016 Silverado. Had to call the rep to completely delete the app, then a hard restart. Then the rep reset my account. Then I reloaded the app and created a new password on my computer. I then logged in to my iPhone app and haven’t had a problem since. I bought the 3rd gen watch with LTE and the app either crashes and closes itself out. Also on the watch for example, I tell it to unlock the doors, it tells me the engine failed to start. The app on my watch is worthless because of crashing or the wrong point didn’t work. PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM WITH THE WATCH. Fix it and I’ll give you 5 stars!

iPhone X support?

Purchased a new vehicle a few months ago and have really been enjoying the added features this app provides. However, I have an iPhone X and there still isn’t full screen/ Face ID support. It would be awesome if On Star/ GM could add that in a future update!

Please update

I’ve had an iPhone X since December and while Touch ID is available to use for non X owners Face ID is not. Also the Apple Watch app does not work while watch is untethered to phone. For Apple Watch Series 3 users this should not be as the watch has cellular capabilities.

Could be better

I use the app, a lot. I will say that it has improved quite a bit since it launched. I wish I could use my iWatch 3 LTE for fob commands when I am away from my phone.

Time for auto companies to realize they are tech companies

This app is terrible. Still no update for iphoneX. One of the most useful things would be to start my car with my voice like other car companies have had for a few years now.


My fob option disappeared when I switched from android to Apple and I am very sad now.

Good app, not perfect.

When will there be a Face ID update, instead of having to input a PIN number every time you do something?

Basically, an “OnStar” App

This is simply basically an OnStar app. Unless you are paying huge fees for OnStar, this app is useless.

More features

The app has been alright for me, it has never crashed and does what it says it does. But I wish for features that could make it even better. Like support for Siri or even “Hey Siri Start my car” I also want to be able to do remote diagnostics from my phone and be able to clear the engine codes. I also wish to be able to click the app and have the car location already be updated without having to do anything. Even make it to see the updated location have to enter your 4 digit pin or Touch ID. Overall good app gets the job done. But I wish for more features.

Out of all the apps on my phone...this is the worst.

Constantly needs to be updated prior to opening which is a pain as you want to use the app to remote start your vehicle... which is pretty much the only real feature anyone cares about. Go home Chevy, you’re drunk.


The app shows all my Chevrolet cars including 3 I don’t own anymore and have not for years. When you select a particular car that page does not show which car it is. Confusing when you have more than one Chevrolet car. It constantly gives you a pop up to turn on your GPS even though you don’t need it to srart your car from the app. Overall seems to function well just poor design.

Great, when it works

It is a very helpful app when it works. When it doesn’t, the suggested solution from GM is to delete it from your phone and re-install it. Can it tell you how many times I’ve done that... And I’ll keep doing it - but you would think GM could do better!


This is app just went from a two star to a six star in my book ,touch Id and Apple Watch support are great additions to the app can't wait to see what's added next and hopefully we can get Siri support and not have to wait as long for it Update After a few months the app works when it wants to always being signed out ,Apple Watch won’t connect to phone app, and new features are rare ,the app has potential but it’s just not there yet

Doesn’t really do much

App is pretty basic and lacks some of the features you can get with the website. It’s also no optimized for iPhone X yet even though Chevy’s had since last September when the iPhone was announced. Shows how much they care about their customers.

Remote Control Awesome Scheduling Service is Horrible

I use this app regularly for remote start, door lock/unlock and it works great. I used it twice to schedule service and it was a huge failure both times. I received confirmation emails and reminders of service. I showed up for my 7:00 AM service only to find out that service didn’t open until 7:30 and no mechanics on duty until 8:00. To add insult to injury I found out the service was not recorded in my dealers “system”. Thankfully the service staff at my dealer are very accommodating and scheduled my service anyway. If you you’re going to develop an app that people use and plan their day around you should really test it with your dealers “systems” and know the hours of operation.

Electric miles not appearing separately since update

Since the update of the app, it no longer lists my electric miles separately from my gasoline miles. By the electric miles section, it just has "---". There is a total number of miles, but no longer a breakdown. Update: I sent the requested information, including screenshots, but have received no reply, nor is there one listed here. Update #2: The app is no longer functioning to create service appointments. I scheduled an appointment for two weeks ago, and the dealer was surprised to see me, even when told I had an appointment. The same thing happened today. I have used this feature successfully in the past, but it is no longer working. I have emailed in screenshots of the appointment confirmations. Update #3: After returning to some level of functionality, the range portion of the vehicle status now does not update.

No Facial Recognition or Siri Support

It’s been 6 months since the iPhone X was released and still no facial recognition. And why oh why did you not put in some Siri support? Maybe Elon will push you guys along again.

Typical GM quality

Goes to show that Detroit does not know how to code. App has good intentions but crashes left and right. Very poor response time, takes a long time to load when switching between apps and UI is childish. Please spend some money on this since it is the future of mankind’s interface with a car.

Works alright but keeps talking about Touch ID on my iPhone X which no longer has Touch ID

Would love to be able to use Face ID to start my car!

iPhone X

Optimize for iPhone X please. Update: I will be deleting until optimized. If a company can’t take five minutes to update their product for the sake of the user, that company doesn’t deserve your business.

Once Worked, Now Doesn’t

I used to be able to check my vehicle status with the app, but now the “updating” wheel just spins and spins and never actually updates. Not sure if this is due to the latest update or if it’s something else, but the result is the same: the app is now worthless to me. Is it possible to give it zero stars?

We need iPhone X support please

We need iPhone X support please

No more remote start??

My app logged me out and I had to reset my password. Now I no longer have the Key Fob option? What happened? That was a great feature that I used quite a bit. I’m disappointed with the app now.

Yes and no..the app that “cries wolf”!

I am a driver of an all electric Chevy Bolt. On one hand, this app is very handy to have for telling me when my charging is all done. On the other hand, it keeps telling me every few days that “you are out of range of a charging station and must take immediate action!” But...and this is almost funny... it says this when I just unplugged with a full charge, or a few hours later with most of my range still available! How silly is that? This is why I have nicknamed this “the app that cries wolf”. The remote start feature is a plus. So is the remote locking feature for those times when I ask myself, “Did I forget to lock the car?” This is my first GM car and I am liking the OnStar features it offers. I know that if there’s an emergency, OnStar is there with the push of a button in the car or in the app. It also monitors various parameters of the car to let you know if service is needed. It’s a bit of Big Brother, but also reassuring.

Unable to retrieve account details.

That's all that will popup ever. Never made it successfully in the app.

App has issues occasionally

Sometimes it works quickly to use the remote commands and sometimes it doesn’t, but glad they are finally showing on my app again! I was really sad when I couldn’t remote start my truck earlier in the week.

iPhone X support

The app includes extremely convenient features, but being an iPhone X user it’s discouraging opening the app and not having it be optimized. Especially seeing as though the device has been available for 4 months.

Was great until my features were taken away

First I had Vehicle Status taken away which I guess was part of the 3 month promotion. But now my unlock/lock and remote start feature is taken away. I was told this feature is free and part of the vehicle when I bought it. Really disappointed. The app is buggy as well.

25% useful

Got this for my 2018 Bolt EV. The key fob and vehicle status work about 1/4 of the time, when I’m standing right beside the car. Proximity stuff has worked once in five days!

2017 traverse No Apple CarPlay ☹️

I like my car (bought 30 days ago) but the radio is useless. No navigation or apple car play. Bluetooth is bad, when I press the button on steering wheel to make a call, it’s asking for the phone number. Grrrrrr!!!! It’s a waste for such a big screen to only be able to play music. 😣😒

The apps cool and all

The apps good but it seems dated sometimes it crashes and can you guys make it compatible for the iPhone X please it 2018 come on you guys

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